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About the Business Growth Secrets Blog Author

DR Wayne C A Wright


Executive Chairman, Investor and Business Author, helping entrepreneurs to break the glass ceiling of growth and profitability leading to 7 and 8 figure businesses.


Dr Wayne Wright has worked in some of the most celebrated corporate entities as well as fast growing medium sized businesses at senior and board levels.


His experience is in the building of businesses from the bottom up with a clear understanding of the strategic elements essential in driving successful growth. With a scientist background he is named on 9 patents.

Wayne has investments in healthcare businesses in the UK and US, and for the last 20 years has led [W]sq solutions, a small boutique entrepreneur coaching organisation that works with fast growing businesses in accelerating growth and profitability.


His corporate and turnaround experience for VC’s and the serving of those high growth businesses, have created learning and business growth principles that have been packaged into his new book, ‘The Ten Commandments of Business Growth’ and an online course for SME business leaders and their executive teams called ‘Business Growth, Strategy and Execution Course’.  This is a deeper dive course on elements identified in the Business Growth Secrets blog.

Wayne has had previous non-executive roles for private and not-for-profit entities and is currently non-executive director for Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

In addition, Wayne is active in the community, where he currently owns and Chairs Maidstone Warriors Basketball Club, the largest youth basketball club in the Kent region, and through his involvement at a local church, The Vine.


Managing Partner

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