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Servant Leadership - a lesson for us all

Do you really understand the power of Servant Leadership?

Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday.

For 70 years she reigned and always emphasised the importance of service, duty and loyalty to the role fostered on her.

You see, when you serve as a leader:

💖 You consider others above yourself, even when the burden is too hard to bear

💖 You provide the 'last man standing' when all others are, or have fallen away

💖 You become the voice of reason and moral fortitude, when others fail

💖 You bring hope to those around you with a smile and a comforting presence

Yes, the Queen, like any of us, was not perfect, and I am sure she would be the first to hold her hands up on the things she should have done to have made things easier.

But there is no doubt this ability to serve others was the 'raison d'etre of her reign, and I applaud her for a life well lived, propelled by her faith in God, that provided strength and resolve in her hour of need.

A servant leader of our nation and for our times in the absence of TRUE leadership.

As she once said....

"When I was 21, I pledged my life to the service of our people and I asked for God's help to make good that vow. Although that vow was made in my salad days, when I was green in judgement, I do not regret, or retract, one word of it."

Rest in peace Ma'am.

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