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What makes a GREAT Leader?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Are they Born, or can leadership be Learnt?

What makes a GREAT leader?

This is question that will be posed by many a business leader over the next 100 years.

Because how many of us wants to be known as a BAD leader!!

We want history to be kind to us and therefore the pursuit of honing the skill and craft of leadership is essential in these 'fluid' times to grow our businesses and to get the best out of our people.

We have seen, chatted and worked with 10,000s of business leaders, so hopefully we have a good appreciation of what 'good leadership' looks like.

One way that we help our clients navigate this element of what 'good' looks in leadership is to subject them to our 360 Leadership Review.

This is an online assessment that focussed on 5 key facets of leadership, that I will explain from the diagram below:


This part of the online assessment looks at your capabilities of leading to:

  • Establishing purpose and direction

  • Lead change in the organisation


This encompasses your ability to:

  • Set clear performance standards

  • Manage individual and team performances

  • Organise and Plan


This encompasses your ability to:

  • Network

  • Influence others

CORE - the glue that provides the foundation of GREAT leaders

This section establishes perceptions of the individual's:

  • Emotional Intelligence. Empathy awareness of self and others, flexibility and self control

  • Self confidence, care for others, resilience and tenacity, attitudes towards risk, responsibility and the extent to which the individual role models the values and standards expected of them.

  • Integrity, values and ethics

If you want to participate in our 360 Leadership review then please do not hesitate to contact us. The impact on the leaders that have participated in the survey has been life changing, a term that I do not use lightly. Click the link here for more information.

Leaders have to learn and assess to become GREAT leaders. When was the last time that you assessed your leadership credentials with your people?

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